About Steve Elliot

Hull Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Steve. Welcome to my Wedding Photography website and the start of our hopeful journey together to fulfil your dreams of the perfect photography experience for your most special of days. My love for photography started in 2010 in Hull when a friend gave me his Nikon camera to experiment with – since that day, I have grown more and more passionate and immersed in the art form and my own personal journey has developed from keen amateur, to now fully Professional Wedding Photographer in just 5 years. I’ve had the pleasure of attending specialist Nikon training seminars and photo shoots in London and being in the company of esteemed and world acclaimed photographer’s such as Joe McNally (Time Magazine veteran photo-journalist).


Throughout my growth in the world of wedding photography, I have nurtured my ability to understand and realise the most special of dreams and desires of my client Bride’s, Bridegroom’s and all close family involved. Although my knowledge of the technical side of photography (lenses, lighting, camera’s, exposure etc) is fine-tuned and supported by world class equipment and training, the most important aspect for myself, is close communication with the Bride and family and making sure I am courteous, efficient and transparent in my work, so all you have to do is.. enjoy your wedding day!

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